Let Us Dream is an acoustic/pop band based in France. The band is inspired by Yellowcard, Simple Plan and  Lifehouse.

Created in 2017, they released a first music video ‘Remember’ in November, 2017.
The band released its first 5 tracks EP « Feelings » in december 2017.

On 2019, the band released a new song ‘Erased‘ from the upcoming EP ‘Take all away‘. On december, they relased a sequence shot for ‘Hold my breath‘.

On 2020, a new single ‘Hopes‘ was released on February the 2nd. Two covers ‘Drag the Lake‘ by The Amity Affliction and ‘Two-ways mirror‘ by Loathe came out during the year.

On 2021, Let Us Dream released a new song ‘Never Enough‘, and reniewed with the positive vibes of their first EP. A new 5 tracks EP is coming next winter.

Let Us Dream Feelings

Let-Us-Dream-Take All Away